John has two years experience as a Presenter at Gala Bingo clubs, which gives him a confidence when addressed audiences in large venues.

As a darts MC, John has worked with Middlesex County, as well as exhibitions with Peter Manley, Wayne Mardle and Dave Chisnall.


John was thrown into a commentary role while participating in the BDO Gold Cup in June 2016 at Event City, Manchester.

Working alongside top player Mark McGeeney, John eased into this side of the sport, with his knowledge of both the players and the game itself an added bonus.


John is a trained Presenter having completed a course run by Inspire, a company who have done similar work with television presenters and actors such as Hugh Grant.

His YouTube presenting debut came in a self-directed feature about the WDDA World Disability Masters in November 2016.


The Lakeside World Championship in January 2017 will mark the fourth major darts tournament where John has been present to interview players, fans and officials for theh BDO YouTube channel.

Working in conjunction with Tungsten Tales, he is now a familiar face among the players and uses his playing relationship to get the best out of each inidividual.

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